4 things to do in rainy Tallinn

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As of recently in the city of Tallinn, the weather has been terrible. It has seemed more like October than July, and therefore we at Dzingel have decided to recommend some fun and entertaining activities do in Tallinn, rain or shine:


If everything outside seems gray and wet then the Spa is one of the best places to be.  There are several excellent day spas in Tallinn with prices ranging from 100 to 200 EUR, which offer between 5 and 6 different treatments.  After a relaxing spa session, the sun may seem as though it’s shinning brighter.
Day Spa (Vana-Posti 4)
Here you can find packages for 75 – 150 EUR
Wiide Day Spa (Wiedemanni 13-1A)
This seems like a quite luxurious spa, but unfortunately their homepage is only in Estonian. The listed prices are between 175 -300 EUR

Day Spa (Vana-Posti 4)

Here Here you can find packages for 75 – 150 EUR

Wiide Day Spa (Wiedemanni 13-1A)

This seems like a quite luxurious spa, but unfortunately their homepage is only in Estonian. The listed prices are between 175 -300 EUR


If a night out at the cinema is what you crave, then Tallinn has several movie theaters with a good selection of films.

Coca Cola Plaza (Hobujaama 5)

On the 10th of March 2001, exactly 37 years after the movie theater ‘The Kosmos’ opened its doors to the public, Estonia’s first multiplex-cinema which came to be known as ‘The Coca Cola Plaza’ was inaugurated. The theater’s inaugural film was “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis.  The Coca-Cola Plaza multiplex-theater offers something for every moviegoer at any given day. The movie theater has 11 screens with a total number of 1968 seats. During the first 7 years of its operation the Coca-Cola Plaza has enjoyed the pleasure of hosting 6,2 million customers.

Check here to check for movie listings for today.

Kosmos (Pärnu mnt. 45)

The Kosmos cinema opened its doors to the public on March 10th, 1964 and lured audiences with its main theater that accommodates nearly 1000 moviegoers. The Kosmos was also the movie theatre to show the first film that was ever distributed by the MPDE (now FORUM CINEMAS) in Estonia  “Hot Shots!” in March of 1993. For years, The Kosmos has been at the forefront of the cinema experience in Tallinn, showing all the latest films from Hollywood and elsewhere. After continuous repairs and modifications, it has become a top of the line cinema equipped with modern technology and comfortable seating. Due to the demands of the consumer and the growing number of films, yet another screen was built into the lobby of The Kosmos in 1995. The new theater room with 136 seats enabled the The Kosmos to offer more films to the movie going public.

Check here to check for movie listings for today!

Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8 )

Unfortunately this cinema does not have a homepage in English. However, here you would be most likely to find something more alternative rather than the run of the mill Hollywood production.  If your taste in film takes you away from the mainstream, then you may very well find something to your liking here.

Most films in the Estonian movie theaters are in their original language and presented with Estonian subtitles.


MEGAZONE (Tartu mnt. 80D)

Megazone offers an exciting game of laser-tag with accommodations for both groups and for individuals. Unfortunately the home page is in estonian and russian only, but you can find contacts here and the pricelist here.


For a leisurely sporting activity, why not spend the afternoon on the bowling alley (and of course the losers will buy the drinks). There are many bowling establishments in Tallinn, however here are the two which are most easily accessible from the Dzingel Hotel location:

Toolbox bowling (Pärnu mnt. 69)


Kuulsaal Bowling (Mere pst. 6)


More information about activities in Tallinn can be found here:  http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/


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